World Earth Day: ‘The pandemic has made it clear that we have to change the way we live’, Dia Mirza

As the country comes to grips with the scenario of Covid-19, Dia Mirza has a special message for everyone this Earth Day. Dia, who is an outspoken supporter of environmental causes says, “” The pandemic has made it abundantly clear that we have to change the way we live, produce, manufacture and consume. Today, the health of every single human-being and our collective harmony hangs in balance and is closely linked with the well-being of Mother Nature. Mirza’s thoughts on this year’s theme, Restore Our Earth, are meant to refocus individual and collective attention on the processes, green technologies, and ideas that can heal, repair, and restore the planet. “How we do it is the question. What we need to start with is the dissemination of environmental literacy at all possible levels because we cannot save what we are ignorant about. The theme of Earth Day this year is a clarion call to restore the balance of the natural world on which all of life depends. ”

Dia goes on to say that climate awareness, combined with restorative technological solutions, massive reforestation campaigns, sustainable business practices, and regenerative agriculture, among other proactive measures, will be required to turn back the clock.

“We need to mobilize greater momentum now than ever before. Of course personal behavior change will make a difference but along with learning to lead more sustainable lifestyles, we also need to hold governments, industry and civil society accountable. We need to imbibe and disseminate scientific facts which are now more accessible than ever before. We must join movements to protect nature / wildlife and demand laws that will ensure the change we need. We need every single earth citizen to work towards restoring the planet to its former glory. When political, business and environmental leaders work in synergy with people from all walks of life to protect the earth, a better world will come into being. ”

Earth Day Dia Mirza

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