World Earth Day: ‘I live a good life, but make environment positive choices’, Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar feels tremendous responsibility to speak out about the climate change crisis and changing realities, not only as a public figure, but also as a concerned citizen. That is why she is urging people to make more environmentally friendly choices.

“We have seen so many climate-related disasters in the last few years, from areas in South Africa submerged, the pandemic experience, drought and famine. Climate change is the reason this is happening… But I don’t feel communities at large are doing enough towards addressing the issue. We need stronger policies by corporate and governments to support the cause. There has been a shift but it is not enough, ”today, on World Earth DayPednekar expresses her concern.

The actor, who has also used her voice to advocate for the environment as a climate activist, believes there is a need for constant messaging to remind people that “we are in a crisis, and that we have reached a tipping point.

“Humanity is all about protecting your loved one. But we are not really doing what we are supposed to do to protect our loved one… And it gives me sleepless nights. I fear a lot and that is why I think it’s very important for like minded people that believe in the cause to constantly speak about it, ”says the climate activist.

For the 32-year-old, the responsibility to speak out about the issue does not stem from a position of power.

“It comes from a place of fear, and wanting to protect my loved ones. I’m fortunate that I’m at a place where I have people listen to what I have to say, and that’s why I’m making the most of it. The communication needs to be correct. For instance, when it comes to world leaders, our actions speak louder, ”says the actress, who is currently in Manali filming her next project.

Bhumi Pednekar talks about environment on Earth day.

She asserts here that it is not about giving up one’s life. “Instead, it is about making climate-positive and environment-positive choices. We all want a life of convenience, and today we have better alternatives, ”says the actor, who will commemorate the occasion by planting a tree.

This is due to the fact that every step counts. Pednekar uses her own life as an example, explaining, “I live a good life, but I try to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible. I make as many conscious and responsible choices as I can.

Finally, she begs people not to pretend that climate change is not the greatest calamity that humanity has ever faced. “It’s time that we prioritize what is required, and to make sure that we do everything in our minds and in our power to leave a more abundant, greener, happier planet for future generations to come,” she ends on a hopeful note.

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