Will Sean McVay coach the Rams in 2022? Head coach remains non-committal on future with team

Well, this is a change.

Following the Rams Super Bowl 56 win over the Bengals, Sean McVay seemed pretty adamant that he’d be back with the team for the 2022 season. A recent interview, though, clouds that outcome.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, the 36-year-old coach offered a simple, two-word answer when asked if he’ll be returning to coach the Rams in 2022.

“We’ll see,” McVay said.

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Recent reports say McVay, who is entering the 2022 season with two years left on his contract, could be in line for a new deal.

His newfound hesitance to commit to the Rams for 2022 could be a ploy to put the screws to ownership to up the value of any new deal – or legitimate apprehension to want to coach the team again after a Super Bowl win.

Some speculation from recent months indicates that networks may be waiting for McVay to step away from the team and enter the broadcast booth. Such a move would be unprecedented: McVay would be entering the booth at just 36 years old and would likely fetch a massive deal to call games for whoever would have him.

McVay isn’t the only member of the Rams organization mulling retirement: All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald was also considering stepping away from the gameaccording to a report before the Super Bowl, but he said later he hasn’t made a decision yet.

If McVay decides to step away, Los Angeles may not have an immediate in-house replacement, with offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell taking a job with the Vikings. Raheem Morris, former head coach of the Buccaneers and interim head coach for the Falcons, could be a candidate.

But for now, McVay is still the head honcho in Hollywood. Operating terms: for now.

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