Stephen Loman believes Bibiano Fernandes will force John Lineker to arrest

Stephen Loman looking forward to an exciting battle when Bibiano Fernandes he defends his crown with his Brazilian counterpart John ‘Hands of Stone’ Lineker at ONE big ceremony: Bad Blood Friday, February 11th.

Team Lakay thinks the world champion will be one of his toughest tests as a divisive king, but in the end he will have no problem seeing his biggest rival and earning a 12-point defense.

Before confronting the two, ‘The Sniper’ said:

“If I have to choose between them, I will still have Bibiano. I think his fight will be a success. We saw in his old wars that he was very talented. He can beat, and we all know how good he is at jiu-jitsu. If Bibiano takes his song early in the game, he presents Lineker. “

However, he stopped criticizing Lineker for leaving the Circle with a gold belt. ‘Hands of Stone’ climbs a 3-0 run on promotion, combined with a double knock from Kevin Belingon and Troy Worthen.

The Philippine expert hopes the ‘Hands of Stone’ will hit a bit when the opportunity arises. From then on, he thinks Lineker’s punches could upset Fernandes.

“The key to Lineker is finding his distance and hitting at the right time. If he finds his color and chooses to shoot from a distance, there’s also a chance he’ll drop Bibiano. He’s also a veteran in the game. I think we’ll see what he gives me.”

Stephen Loman’s path to bantamweight title

Stephen Loman is currently sitting behind Lineker and Kwon Won Il on the bantamweight list. Team Lakay representatives entered the top five following the victory of Yusup Saadulaev instead ONE first public appearance last December.

If he can pull out one of the men in front of him and make two in a row inside the Circle, there’s every reason to believe that Stephen Loman can make his first shot at the world title.

Otherwise, Fabricio Andrade’s No. 4 opponent’s match will be a good warmup game before he takes on a top enemy.

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