Roddy Ricch Says He’s One Of Only 3 Rappers Putting LA On

Roddy Ricch says there are only three rappers right now who are putting LA on.

“It’s so much sh * t going on in LA that sh * t will f * ck you up. It’s only three n * ggas left in LA that I can say that’s really putting on for this motherf * cker and that’s Kendrick, YG and me. When you really sit down and understand that the type of baggage we got as n * ggas from this spot, you gotta understand what we are going through as a unit n * gga. ”

He continued, “I ain’t going to say we down, but we gotta put this sh * t together, figure out a plan to really set this sh * t up cause we really the West. We have been doing this sh * t for too long to really just stop and have soldiers falling. It’s n * ggas just flopping and falling. We gotta step up as the n * ggas cause it’s only three of us left. ”

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