Josh Hawley Humiliated As No Senate Republicans Join Him In Voting Against Biden Nominee

David Honey was confirmed by a blowout vote of 94-1 after Josh Hawley had blocked his nomination twice.

Here was the vote:

Honey was confirmed to be the second-ranking research and engineering official in the Pentagon. His nomination was originally approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee in October of 2021, but Hawley had been slowing progress on his nomination to a crawl.

Hawley has been slowing Biden Pentagon nominations for months because he wants Biden to fire his national security team over the Afghanistan withdrawal. Josh Hawley is the same Senator who blocked Biden’s Homeland Security nominee after the 1/6 attack.

Not A Single Republican Joined Hawley In Voting Against Biden’s Nominee

Hawley has been carrying out this campaign for months trying to get his fellow Republicans to block Biden’s nominees, and not a single Republican followed him off of the cliff.

Sen. Hawley has presidential ambitions, but he showed the sort of standing that he has in the Senate as no one joined him. The only Senator who has this level of unpopularity is Ted Cruz, who also harbors delusions of someday residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Josh Hawley led the charge to block Biden’s Pentagon nominees, and it turns out that he was an army of one.

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