How Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone World Is Expanding

Taylor Sheridan continues to explore new frontiers.

The creator behind the wildly successful Paramount Network series Yellowstone has been corraled into even more work, as Paramount + announced on Tuesday, Feb. 15 that the spinoff series 1883 has been renewed for a second season. The series will continue to follow James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) as they work to make a life for themselves in Montana.

The Dutton family story will also carry on in the newest Paramount + series 1932which will follow the next generation of ranchers as they fight to survive the Prohibition and the Great Depression.

Suffice to say, Sheridan is herding viewers to Paramount + with this slate of shows. “Taylor Sheridan has put roots down for the Dutton Family tree that stand strong and tall, with many branches that continue to engage record-breaking audiences,” said executive producer David C. Glasser. “It is awe-inspiring to work with Taylor, ViacomCBS and the entire team on this universe.”

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