Halftime Show Star Snoop Dogg in January Collaborated on Violent Police- Killing Rap Song

The NFL thinks that Snoop Dog is a good role model for today’s youth. They showed this by inviting him to be part of yesterday’s halftime show at the Super Bowl. We wrote about Snoop Dog being invited on the halftime show despite having fired a gun at Trump’s head in a video a couple of years ago.

Super Bowl Sewer: Halftime Show Features Snoop Dogg – Who Fired Gun at Trump’s Head in Video, Called Black Conservatives “Coon Bunch,” Promoted Pot His Entire Career

Snoop Dog is very busy but the stuff he produces is horrible. The Washington Times notes:

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Snoop Dogg has never been bigger: The iconic California rapper is an in-demand pitchman for everything from beer to chips to burgers. He pops up on NFL football broadcasts and guest stars in movies like “The Addams Family.” On Wednesday, he became the new owner of Death Row Recordsthe label that three decades ago launched his career.

But when the 50-year-old musician-mogul steps into the biggest spotlight of his career Sunday as the headliner for the Super Bowl halftime show, some viewers may be changing the channel in protest.

In January, Snoop Dogg released an anti-police rap single, “Police,” with rapper J5 Slap and two other hip-hop artists that features incendiary lyrics, including the following intro (delivered not by Snoop Doggbut by one of his collaborators):

“All you n ***** out there
Take your guns that you are using to shoot each other
And start shooting these b **** a ** motherf ******* police
That’ll impress a motherf ******* n **** like me, the crooked motherf ******
‘Cause these police getting way too motherf ****** outta line.’

Here is the video below.

The NFL thinks for some reason that promoting individuals who produce material shooting the President and promoting murdering the police is good for the youth of America watching their premier event, the Super Bowl.

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