Donald Trump Jr .: “This Is Actually Worse than Watergate and Yet All of Those Clowns Are Strangely Silent

Donald Trump, Jr. joined Sean Hannity on Wednesday night to discuss the explosive findings by the John Durham Special Counsel that Hillary Clinton, Democrats and intel operatives were spying on Donald Trump’s home and later the Trump White House.

Don Jr. wondered where the mainstream media was on this historic scandal? Why are they so silent?

Donald Trump Jr .: They still talk about Russia, Russia, Russia as though it’s real but the second Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer gets indicted for lying when they’re working with a government tech agency that was not only monitoring Candidate Donald Trump but President Donald Trump, actually spying on the President of the United States the media who loves to talk about these conspiracy theories have suddenly gone silent, Sean. Where is Bob Woodward? Cuz I heard every time my father put out a tweet for the last five years, “It’s worse than Watergate!” Well, this actually is worse than Watergate and yet all of those clowns are strangely silent. Just like our media. Because they can’t run cover for this. They know they’ve been caught.

Via Midnight Rider Channel:

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