10 Things You Didn’t Know About Entrepreneur Jason Kintzler

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly relevant in daily life as devices like smartwatches, VR headsets, and health monitoring devices continue to gain popularity. Now, entrepreneurs like Jason Kintzler are looking for ways to make wearables less intrusive and more useful to the average person.

Lifekeya consumer electronics startup focused on “tap” technology, is creating wearable devices that allow users to easily interface with products, pets, and people. The devices developed by the startups can be used in several ways, including the sharing of medical information with first respondents, finding pets, and sharing live data with family with just a single tap.

Ever since being founded back in 2018, Lifekey’s mission has been to power the “tap to” revolution, creating the means for users to interact with technology in a less disruptive manner. This mission is a reflection of its founder’s conviction that there is a place for technology to be quieter and still highly integrable into our lifestyles.

Now, allow us to introduce some interesting facts about the person behind the startup:

  1. Jason 2018, believes Lifekey will be Wyoming’s first unicorn – despite there already being some pretty exotic animals roaming around there.
  2. Having founded startups like Pitchengine and Buckrail in the past, Jason is no stranger in the tech world. His first SXSW appearance was in 2010 when he pitched his PR software company in the Microsoft Bizspark Accelerator. Spotify, Siri, Foursquare, Gowalla, and Bump were among that year’s startup class.
  3. Jason founded Pitchengine, a boot-strapped startup turned global news technology used by Walmart, Budweiser, Zappos, and more than 50,000 other brands worldwide. During this time, he was credited with heralding a new era of public relations by creating “one of the industry’s most transformative innovations.”
  4. Born and raised in the mountains of Wyoming, he considers his parallel parking and trailer backing among his most impressive skills.
  5. He’s a former news anchor and reporter for CBS in Montana.
  6. He’s shared the DJ booth with Jermaine Dupri, fished with Bill Dance, and he once avoided a collision with Evel Knievel.
  7. Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres are among his followers on Twitter.
  8. Former Vice President Dick Cheney bought his Ford truck.
  9. Jason’s motivation comes from the people that say it can’t be done. The haters fuel me. It’s my accomplishments on this road less traveled that define me. ”
  10. He’s dad to three boys and a princess.

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