Watch: Nancy Pelosi Stumbles On Podium At Harry Reid Memorial

Nancy Pelosi stumbled as she left the stage after speaking at a memorial service for the late Senator Harry Reid, only to find that she was in a state of shock.

A House spokesman spoke at Reid’s funeral last week.

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was stunned at the presidential ceremony at Harry Reid’s funeral in Las Vegas on Saturday, just about to shake her head in front of mourners,” he said. EAG News reports.

A video of him leaving after his comments shows Pelosi struggling to keep up as he leaves the podium.

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Pelosi Plummet From Podium

Even in such a dire situation, he was never able to lie.

“With very few people competing with Harry for his understanding of his senators, their countries, their needs, their aspirations, and in all our negotiations, I have never heard Harry speak harshly about his Senate, Democratic or Republican counterpart,” he said.

Reid accused his colleague-elect Mitt Romney in 2012 of not paying taxes in the last ten years.

Reid did not apologize for the lie and defended the publication, “Romney did not win, did he?”

Reid also called Former President Donald Trump is “racist.”

Barack Obama, who later spoke at Reid’s funeral and benefited from Reid’s lie, doubted Pelosi’s claim that Reid had never said anything bad about anyone.

“I heard Nancy Pelosi say she never heard Harry say bad things about any of his friends. I don’t know that Nancy,” he said laughing in the living room.

Pelosi posted a video of his courtesy and cut off the side he had stumbled off of the podium.

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Biden Climbing Stairs

Note, it is difficult to pile Pelosi because of a stumbling block from the platform where there are many items provided by the Speaker of the House that need to be discussed.

He just walked away forgetting that there was a step down the actual stage. We’ve all been there before, forgetting the stage or thinking we’ve reached the end of our amazing recovery.

Hell, I give him a reputation for steering the ship down at 81 years old.

That said, Trump would have done this had there been 24/7 health issues.

Although Pelosi’s stuttering is common, it is probably less likely to walk a dead prance before being thrown in the back of a van like a meat slide by Hillary Clinton.

Also fairly rare, travel at the top three steps behind President Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump traveled peacefully to West Point in June 2020 several media reports about his health.

There will not be much news that Pelosi is about to fall on the podium.

The media, however, do not agree when it comes to describing such evils.

The same day he criticized Trump for jumping on what he called a slippery slope, CNN also told viewers about “the worst way Trump drinks water in a glass,” he adds. asked questions about his health.

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