WATCH LIVE NETBALL: New Zealand vs Australia in the Netball Quad Series | Netball News

Immediate follow-up to the second Netball Quad Series game at Copper Box Arena; the first intermediate pass takes place at 4.15pm; the meeting follows the victory of England 71-47 victory over South Africa; every competition will also be on Sky Sports

Last Updated: 15/01/22 3:41 pm

Watch the second Netball Quad Series match against New Zealand against Australia – the news also airs at Sky Sports Arena.

This free YouTube channel is available to viewers in the UK and Ireland and is the start of the Commonwealth Games for each year.

The first mid-run takes place at 4.15pm and the race comes later England’s 71-47 win in South Africa.

The Netball Quad Series is being played for the first time since 2019 and the Vitality Roses of England have never won.

There are eight games played all four days played at the Copper Box Arena in London. Each contest is displayed Sky Games and it overflowed YouTube for viewers in the UK and Ireland.

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