Tucker Scoffs Scoffs Pelosi: ‘Michael Jackson Has Done So Much To Do With His Last Season’

Fox News expert Tucker Carlson donned his Babylon Bee hat to enjoy Nancy Pelosi’s appearance in a recent interview, meaning she looks like Michael Jackson.

The Speaker of the House appeared on “Face the Nation” (amazing?) The same day before the performance of the mysterious twisted eyebrows that shocked the whole section.

“So yesterday was Sunday, and you probably found yourself in a chair just watching TV,” Carlson began his episode. And if you are fully converted, you can have the distractions of your life. Michael Jackson was at Face the Nation. “

Carlson was the one who rolled the piece of Appearance of Pelosi on CBS.

“See?” he said after the video. “Michael Jackson. That was him. No ‘Billie Jean.’ He seems to have stopped singing and is lying about politics. The same person. “

“If you’ve ever seen Michael Jackson, you will never forget the face,” added Fox. “

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Appearance of Pelose Insulted

Can I tell the truth here?

In fact, Tucker Carlson’s claim that Nancy Pelosi has any similarities with Michael Jackson is shocking … to the late Michael Jackson.

Now, I know some of you on the left just talk about how the appearance should be infinite. Please, take care of your anger.

Physical appearance was a good sport when Donald Trump was in office. The same word ‘Orange Man Bad’ refers to the appearance of the former President.

Not to mention, Pelosi is the same person who once described Trump as “very obese. ”

Pro-tip – If you do not want to be compared to Michael Jackson, do not draw your eyebrows that can make McDonald jealous.

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Privacy Questions

In addition to the Pelosi mockery of Michael Jackson, the Tucker segment includes chyron – “TV’s Dangerous Appearance Raises Secrets.”

See what he did there?

“Now let’s get it straight – This was not a video of Michael Jackson singing his famous songs in the 1990s.

“Yet despite these comments, he was, no doubt Michael Jackson speaking on TV,” he continued jokingly. “How is that possible?”

Other than that, perhaps the most surprising was Pelosi’s comments at the time Tucker played.

House Prophet opposes Republicans to carry out a “legal continuation” of the Capitol riots since January 6 in defiance of vote-changing laws that are being pushed by Democrats to hold elections.

“What Republicans are doing all over the country and continuing to enforce the law on January 6, which is to undermine our democracy, to undermine our electoral system, to undermine our voting power, which is the basis of democracy,” he said.

Maybe that’s why the eyebrows are so high. He should point out the distractions in the discussion on January 6 to make the illusion that it was a more bizarre event than it actually was.

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