The new Meta Privacy Center describes how the company works to collect data

but New Privacy Center that provides users with information about data collection, sharing, security, data usage and advertising. The center includes information about the privacy policy on applications such as and , Data Policy is how you can apply more privacy and security.

Users can learn how to set up two-factor authentication, understand who can see their notes, what types of data Meta collects, how to use that information and much more.

Initially, Secret Secrets are only available to a handful of Facebook users in the US on the desktop. It plans to put it to more programs and people in the coming months. If you are lucky enough, you can find Privacy in the Preferences and Privacy section. Meta will provide other ways to find it in the future. It plans to renovate the Privacy Center with its various components and controls.

Meta added a number of security and / or privacy updates to its applications over the last year. It can be difficult to follow everything, so setting up one place to explain everything should be helpful. For example, Instagram began to demand that people do so as part of an effort to protect young users from “feeling” things. In September, WhatsApp hide-end of chat recovery backups.

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