The FTC’s anti-Facebook protocol is set to go further

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) could go ahead with its latest lawsuit against Meta, a U.S. regional judge ruled Tuesday. The idea is a great success for the supervisor, who saw his own first complaint release by Judge James Boasberg final June.

Per The Washington Post, Boasberg now says the agency could go ahead with its complaints because of the “strong and detailed” evidence it provided with its modified suit, which the FTC issued in August. “While the court may play a significant role in proving its validity, the Court believes that it has now dismissed the case and may release it,” the judge said.

In October, Meta asked the court to dismiss the case, alleging that the FTC has also failed to provide “real reasons for claiming power.” The agency’s modified version is about 12 pages longer than the original, but offers many of the same controversies. Specifically, the FTC claims that Facebook used Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions in 2012 and 2014 to secure its top position in the media market.

“Today’s decision reduces the size of the FTC case by denying the terms of our platform. It also acknowledges that the agency is facing a ‘long process’ of verifying its case against two items that were removed years ago,” a Meta spokesman told Engadget. “We are confident that the evidence will show the seriousness of the allegations. Our Instagram and WhatsApp accounts have changed to what they are today.

Update 5:43 PM ET: Extended comment from Meta.

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