Pixar’s ‘Turn Red’ leaves Disney + theaters

Turning Red, The latest Pstrong movie, to be screened on Disney +, the studio was announced Friday. It follows Life and Luke as Pixar’s third film to skip the release of the theater. Disney had made its first public appearance Turning Red in exhibitions, but probably due to the recent increase in cases of COVID-19 cases in the United States and around the world, this is not the case. What has not changed is the release date: the film will resume on March 11 as originally planned.

“Given the delay in the box office, especially family television, flexibility remains at the forefront of our distribution decisions as we prioritize providing something that is unmatched by The Walt Disney Company to a global audience,” said Kareem Daniel, chairman of media and entertainment. Disney distribution.

The truth Turning Red it will not start again on the silverware and is a shame because it marks the beginning of the full length of Pixar’s young talent, Domee Shi. He won the Academy Award in 2019 for his work on the short film Wallet, which was displayed next to it Amazing 2 in the exhibition space. Monga Wallet, Turning Red located in Shi’s hometown of Toronto, Canada. It tells the story of Mei Lee (told by Rosalie Chiang), a young woman who realized she was turning into a red panda when she was so excited. Naturally, all types of hijinks are caused by this. Did we mention the beautiful Sandra Oh in the movie? Yes, it will be fine.

The truth Turning Red will not have theaters running perhaps the most affected of its kind access opportunity. On the contrary, this could make Disney reluctant to invest in various items such as Turning Red. If there is silver, then families will have the opportunity to watch the film from the security of their homes.

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