New ‘Valorant’ players will need to grind before playing competitive games

New well-equipped navigation equipment is not the only game changer to come Appreciation and updates for Shooters Phase 4 on January 11. Once the patch is instantaneous, new players will need to reach level 20 before signing in line. . In the past, you only won 10 unseen matches before taking part in a contest.

Many other games, plus Overwatch and Riot himself League of Legends, use the same restrictions. It helps to ensure that new players have time to learn the game before jumping into the game with the biggest challenge. It also inhibits a process known as smurfing. That’s when experienced players create new accounts to avoid long queues and play with the less experienced.

“We hope everyone should take the time to learn the basics of the game, and show maps and all the helpers. Appreciation they’ll throw you out before we compete in our event, “Riot said of the change. The tweak will only affect new accounts created from now on. Appreciation and having one contest on your account, you will not lose the opportunity.

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