New NYC Mayor Approves 800,000 Non-Citizens’ Voting, Says’ The Best Choice ‘

New York City New Mayor Eric Adams started his term on the left side of the even former mayor Bill DeBlasio.

On Saturday, Adams issued a statement saying he was supporting non-citizens living in the Big Apple with the right to vote in local elections.

Today, Adams has allowed “Our City Vote” to become the law, giving nearly 800,000 non-citizens the right to vote in local elections.

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Mayor Says ‘More Concerns’

Adams commented on a bill on Saturday, “I believe The people of New York must have a say in their government, and that is why I have and will continue to support this important law. ”

Adams went on to say,

“Although I was initially worried about part of the bill, I had a good discussion with my colleagues in the government that resolved the concerns. I believe that allowing these laws to be enacted is the best decision, and I hope to bring millions more to democracy.”

The bill was approved by City Council earlier in December. At the time, a number of New York lawmakers, legal experts, and DeBlasio, who owns Uber rights, also said they were threatened by the bill.

Adams did not elaborate on the concerns.

Now, it’s a city ordinance.

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Non-Citizen Voting, COVID Passports

When Eric Adams feels like letting them go non-American citizens voting is a “very good election,” they are singing a very different song when it comes to COVID.

In an interview with ABC News, Adams said he has kept many of DeBlasio’s former mayor of COVID’s restrictions, some of the worst in the country.

The city needs proof of vaccination – called “Key to NYC” – for a the whole crowd is normal human actions. For example, going to a restaurant or restaurant, a gym, a pool or gym, a movie theater, concerts, and so on.

Adams said, “We are reviewing the numbers, if we feel we need to get to where we need to go, we should do this but we are encouraging them to do this.”

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New York Not First

When New York City will be the first The big city offers non-citizens the right to vote, not the first of its kind. In Maryland, there are 11 cities where non-citizens can vote in local elections, and two in Vermont.

It is a move that brings, as the mayor said, a majority of voters to the polls, voters in the highest blue city. Of the 7 million citizens of voting age in New York City, 1 in 9 is a non-citizen.

Former New York City Mayor Ydanis Rodriguez paid the fine before stepping down and was appointed Transport Commissioner by Mayor Adams.

On the other side of the equation, several states such as Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, and Florida have enacted laws that would prevent non-citizens from voting in city elections.

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