More Choices Needed When Teachers’ Associations Coerce More School Closure Of COVID-19

Author Cal Thomas of The Daily Signal

On the third straight day last week, the Chicago Teachers Union banned classes, and decided to go back to recent classes and cited the dangers of omicron diversity as an excuse.

To many, this is seen as merely a beating of teachers and a seizure of power by a coalition that previously supported Democrat politics. Democrats send federal support to the coalition, and the coalition uses it to get more Democrat votes. Does anyone else see a double standard in the back support system?

When the Boston police went on strike in 1919, Massachusetts then-governor Calvin Coolidge called the survivors “survivors” and “traitors,” he added, in a letter to Samuel Gompers, president of the American Federation of Labor, stating: “There is no freedom. fighting for the safety of the people and everyone, anywhere, anytime. “

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Although Chicago is different from the Boston police strike, teachers’ refusal to return to class brings other problems for children and parents. There is also the emotional and psychological damage that children experience, in addition to the problems that come with studying at home and the economic pressures that children face.

The government has provided $ 5 billion in Illinois to keep schools open and to teach in the classroom. As in many other states, Illinois has been using this money for other purposes. While this is technically legal, politicians want the money back if countries and cities do not use the money for what they want.

Is the fact that many religious and religious schools have remained open during the epidemic because they did not have union leaders to inform them?

There may not be a better time to break the power of the teachers’ unions, as well as what may be the last thing in America, public schools.

Choosing a school is the answer. Competition works in all other areas. It can also work in education. Currently, there are 27 voucher programs in 16 states and districts of Columbia, according to the Education Commission of the States. More is needed, and now is a good time for voters to force politicians to make them into countries that do not offer them.

“Illinois offers K-12 students and their parents a variety of school options, including two secret programs, charter schools, magnetic schools, home schooling and select public schools in the state through the enrollment process,” according to Most parents need to find out and take advantage of the opportunity.

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Wise education, morals, and love for our children’s world are the keys to preserving the world we have for over two centuries. Other countries, especially China, are at the forefront of mathematics and science. They send many of their top students here to study at our top universities, and many return to China to apply what they have learned in ways that further their national interests, which often contradict ours.

One meaning of the word “monopoly” is “a special opportunity to do business, automotive, or government-sponsored services.”

Academic stability has already passed its marketing time and needs to be addressed. This will allow parents to choose the right path for their children, not the government. Choosing education puts children at the forefront of government and institutions.

Syndicated with permission from The Daily Signal.

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