McConnell Purses RINO Governor Doug Ducey to Run for Parliament – Trump Responds

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to regain control of the GOP.

He is now quietly urging RINO Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to run for US senate seat in Arizona, according to Revolver.News:

Meanwhile, Senate Senator Mitch McConnell is trying to counteract the change by urging Governor Doug Ducey to run in the race, and that hinders his intentions with Ducey’s wife.

According to a source close to Ducey and McConnell, Angela Ducey wants to stay out of politics, and she is angry with McConnell’s repeated pleas for her husband to run for office. Aside from the challenges that come with being a political ally, last year has been a bit of a hassle for Angela as her husband was ousted from the right because of their role in securing Joe Biden’s 2020 victory in government.

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But obviously, McConnell doesn’t think anything of putting a strain on Ducey’s wedding because of putting a symbolic finger in Donald Trump’s eye.

McConnell’s assertion is simple: He does not like Donald Trump, and he does not like the advice Trump took on the Republican party. But he can’t openly criticize Trump, and instead just keep waiting for the president as he raises people who are loyal to the old GOP and not the new. For McConnell, Ducey is a persuasive weapon in this symbolic battle.

Trump responded by saying he would not approve of Ducey.


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed Biden victory in Arizona – although there are many unanswered questions about the credibility of the election:

Why Did Arizona Republican Governor Ducey Sign On Biden Win In Arizona With So Many Unanswered Questions?

Ducey reunited with Democrats and RINOs after the Arizona polls found 70,000 re-votes with serious problems.

Arizona Governor Ducey Makes Out – Part by Biden and Fellow RINOs

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