London police are accused of “sewing” for refusing to investigate Downing St

Metropolitan Police Chief Dame Cressida Dick is accused of leading a “set-up” on Friday as the London military stopped protesting Downing Street’s investigation into the closing parties.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey urged Dick not to allow UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “get off the hook” as Number 10 was forced to do so. apologize to Queen Elizabeth at two working parties in April last year which took place on the night of the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip. The monarch sat alone during service in accordance with Covid-19 rules at the time.

Davey said it was “clear to everyone” that Johnson had violated the ban: earlier this week the Prime Minister. provided a brief apology to parliament after he admitted that he had attended a “bring your beer” party at No. 10 during the closing ceremony in May 2020.

“Cressida Dick should not let go of the hook through the shadow set up seam-up,” he said. “The Met Commissioner may think it’s one of Boris Johnson’s rules and another one for everyone else, but that doesn’t apply.”

Met answered questions by repeating what it had previously done that it had contacted the prime minister’s office, which is conducting research in parties led by Prime Minister Sue Gray. The military said that if the investigation yielded any evidence, then he can search it.

Jamie Klingler, from Reclaim This Streets, near a London music venue where Sarah Everard’s security was broken by police last year © Aaron Chown / PA

When asked about reports that staff members had brought a suitcase full of wine in Downing Street to one of the parties last April and if officials knew, the group said it had not discussed security at government buildings.

Dal Babu, a former Met chief who worked as a security guard on Downing Street earlier in his career, said the military had entered a “real turmoil” because of the apparent breach.

“I think the police chose not to conduct a preliminary investigation,” Babu said, referring to when the first reports of Downing Street parties violating the restraining order came to light in November. “I should have thought he would have discussed it with the political authorities on this, and I think it was a mistake because now it’s an issue.”

The protester was arrested by Met officials during last year's murder trial of Sarah Everard

Demonstrator arrested by Met police in defense of last year’s murder of Sarah Everard © IKristian Buus / In Pictures / Getty Images

The role has angered Jamie Klingler, editor a Restore These Roads last year at Clapham Common in London. The ceremony was canceled by the Met, who arrested four people, as the military said they were violating coronavirus rules.

The wait took place on March 13 last year, one month for the April 16 Downing Street parties, and it happened to commemorate. Sarah Everard, who was abducted, raped and murdered by Wayne Couzens, a Met official at the time.

“Anger and resentment do not begin to express my views on Met’s deception, which does not serve the women of London,” Klingler said.

The Met has refused to investigate reports of at least six parties down Down Street – one in May 2020, two in November 2020, one in December 2020 and two last April – because it would not investigate coronavirus violations. repeatedly.

The power is already there under strict supervision on his culture and ideas after Everard’s assassination and inadequate investigations.

Kieron McArdle

Kieron McArdle, who was fined for breaking the law last year, said he was “angry and upset” with Met’s actions © Sky News.

Kieron McArdle, who was fined in March last year after two friends surprised him on his birthday to come and have a drink with him in his garden, also said he was “angry and upset” at what Met had done.

McArdle and all his associates were fined £ 200, reduced to £ 100 each for immediate payment, in the case of Coleshill, Warwickhire.

McArdle said he and his friends had admitted his actions were wrong, paid a fine and had not considered the matter until Downing Street parties were exposed.

“Met police open doors for them and pick up tires of drinks,” McArdle said. “They are completely the same as politicians.”

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