Jim Jones Says No Story w / Freddie Gibbs After Beatdown Rumors

Jones says he has no problem with Freddie Gibbs a few weeks after Jim and his team beat the rapper.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about … I don’t know any story,” Jim told Angela Yee.

Yee is the one who brought the Gibbs show for sale in NYC.

“Let that man come and get his money! This is the city! This is a city of love. Let that man come and get that money, father. It’s a city of love. Get your bag, Dad. It’s fine out here. In this country, you’re digging?” he said. “Media puts things a little longer than it should and it does. I’m not in that, hear? His silence did not make me cry. I am cold. Let the man come to get the money. “

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