It will be a reality for Trump in Georgia as his lawyers face opponents in the run-up to the election campaign

Rachel Maddow also said that a terrorist investigation to disrupt Trump’s election in Georgia now has its lawyers meet with critics.

Maddow Video:

Rachel Maddow said:

We have more breaking news to begin with this time. We can only report tonight that representatives Former President Donald Trump you have met him face to face Fulton County Province Georgia lawyer’s office. It was now months ago for us at first he knew that the prosecutor who presides over that office had opened a criminal investigation in allegedly violating Georgia law when the state law took place Georgia election officials he was overwhelmed with fear after the last president the choice they must make, well, falsified by the results of those countries election.

Last year, January 3, last year, when The Washington The post published this amazingly audio report of a strange hour phone name the then president Trump made privately in Georgia election officials tell who needed to find him exactly the amount of votes a government that would allow Trump to be falsely accused the winner there.

Now, in Georgia, as per everyone in this country, forcing election officials interfering with what is allowed electoral process, forcing election officials changing the outcome of elections, that it is certainly a crime. Office of the Attorney General in Fulton County, Georgia, opened to search the floor Georgia state law. Coercion or intimidation election officials and Georgia government crime. It is a crime in every state the world, and of course, that as well as the federal case.

Georgia Election Violence Case Can Be Trump’s Big Legal Threat

PoliticusUSA has been following the case in Georgia I say this about it long before international journalists take action because it represents an open and closed case against Trump.

There is no doubt that Trump violated state law banning the disruption of election results. He’s on tape breaking the law.

Special magistrates have been searching for evidence. Trump and his allies like Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham are the investigators.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s case is a major threat to Trump, and his lawyers, who face opposition, show he is looking into the matter.

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