“It should not confuse people” – Unai Emery blames Barcelona’s Gerard Pique for action after Real Madrid v Valencia

Villareal manager Unai Emery has reprimanded Barcelona advocate Gerard Pique for what he did to real Madrid penalized for their 4-1 win over Valencia.

Valencia’s official website on Twitter sent a controversial tweet following a judge’s decision to give Real Madrid a verdict in their match. He read:

“Robbery in Madrid begins to recur, @lacasadepapel #RealMadridValencia”

Pique took to Twitter to ridicule Real Madrid, in response to Valencia’s tweet in defiance of the decision. The defender wrote:

“Do not say too loudly that he approves of you.”

Villarreal manager Unai Emery was not pleased with Pique’s tweets. Speaking to reporters, Emery described how deceptive it was for the defender to send such a tweet, based on Villarreal’s incident against Barcelona in November last year. He said:

“Pique yesterday went on Twitter to discuss the referees’ match between Real Madrid and Valencia. But he forgot that there was an unspecified penalty for us when he saved the ball with his hand in the penalty area against us. Instead of keeping quiet, you should honesty, not deception. ”

The Blaugrana won the match 3-1 in the final, however, Pique took part in one of the biggest events of the night. Emery asked the defendant why he was silent when the referee’s decision pleased him.

Pique, however, took to Twitter again to respond to Emery. The defender brought Barcelona to a 6-1 victory over PSG in the 2017 UEFA Champions League.

“This is a man who after three years was still complaining about the referee in 6-1. Get rid of it, Unai.”

Barcelona bounced back from a 4-0 aggregate victory to win 6-5, which is undoubtedly the biggest fall in UEFA Champions League history at PSG.

“85 per cent Real Madrid players and fans” – Barcelona expert Pique on players in La Liga

Pique works in Barcelona
Pique works in Barcelona

This was not the first time Pique had criticized La Liga. Barcelona defender told YouTube Post United channel in February 2021:

“The former singer, I don’t remember who he was, said that 85 percent of Real Madrid’s players and fans are. That’s the number you look at and think, how can he not whistle in Madrid? I know he ‘s trying to do a very good job, but there are doubts …? “

🚨 | Xavi plans to start Pique with a phone in his hand against Real Madrid. This is because the Spanish defender protects his team better on Twitter than on the field. @FabrizioRomano

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