Hundreds are said to have been killed as bandits attacked villages

President Muhammadu Buhari said the militants were “disappointed” by the terrorists after the eagles collided with a hiding place.

At least 200 people in Zamfara state in northwestern Nigeria have been killed in a series of armed robberies, local residents say.

The militants are believed to have been caused by militants who killed more than 100 militants on Monday and forced some to leave the forest.

Gunmen burned down houses and mutilated the victims.

A resident of one village told Reuters news agency that the terrorists were shooting at “anyone who could see him”.

The attacks are the latest in a series of violent riots in northwestern Nigeria, where the central government has been embroiled in a series of armed robberies. local gangs have been described as bandits.

On Friday it was reported that more than 100 people had been killed by suspected “terrorist” terrorists in the area, with about 300 motorcyclists reaching about 9 locations between Tuesday and Thursday night.

Idi Musa, a resident of another village, told AFP that the attackers also stole “about 2,000 cows”.

Meanwhile, local media reports say armed groups seem to be leaving the jungle behind as a result of government violence, instead heading west of Zamfara state.



In a statement issued on Saturday, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, promised that the government would not stop fighting the terrorists.

“Let me assure the besieged areas and other Nigerians that this government will not allow them to suffer because we are determined to get rid of these terrorists,” Buhari said.

“The recent invasion of innocent bystanders is abandoned by the massacre, which is now being forced on us by our troops.”

On Wednesday, the Nigerian government announced that the terrorists were terrorists, which allowed the security forces to impose greater sanctions on the groups and their followers.

The Nigerian military says this week it has killed “537 terrorists and terrorists” in the area and detained 374 others since May last year.

Thousands of Nigerian troops have been deployed to fight in the army, a network of terrorists operating in large areas, often stealing animals, stealing to rescue and killing civilians.

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