Heather Dubrow Meets Noella Bergener in Tense RHOC Preview

Reconciliation incorrect.

Heather Dubrow eager to remove air and Noella Bergener on Jan. 12 new section of Real Housewives in Orange County, but as this special tilt shows, things do not always go as planned.

The two begin the conversation when Heather asks Noella why she has been called a “lying prostitute” —that is, in line with Noella’s actions — and to her surprise, Noella agrees.

“I knew that going to that lunch was a no-brainer,” Noella says of the day she made the statement. “I was deeply moved.”

Continuing, new RHOC Price The star admitted that she “scolded” Heather, but because she was upset with her estranged husband, James.

“Then wrong abuse?” Heather asks, and Noella answers, “100 percent.”

Unfortunately, the discussion did not end there. Heather says she can leave a comment on the “fake whore”, but there’s also a story for Noella to say. Gina Cherry Cheer that Heather cannot be trusted.

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