Former Senate Speaker Harry Reid lay in the Capitol

WASHINGTON (AP) – Old Sen. Harry Reid will be in government at the US Capitol while his friends and associates pay tribute to the hardscrabble Democrat who rose from poverty in the dusty Nevada mining town to the most powerful position in the US Senate.

Reid will be honored Wednesday at the Capitol Rotunda at a closed ceremony for the public under the COVID-19 protocols. She died last month at the age of 82 after four years of battling colon cancer.

Nevadan, a longtime Congressman and Senate leader and two presidents, Reid backed the House on their most important meetings – fundraising for the Great Recession and President Barack Obama’s well-known health law.

President Joe Biden called Reid a “great American,” who “looks at the world’s problems and believes that we can do good, to do good.”

Time for a funeral service last week in Las Vegas, Biden, Obama and others remembered one of Reid’s most famous characters – just hanging out with people, even presidents, instead of just saying goodbye for a long time.

The few words Reid uttered are often windy and fiery, the senator is not afraid to take the president (called George W. Bush a “loser”), criticize oil companies (“coal makes us sick”) or declare war. Iraq “lost.” He calls his 2008 history “The Good Fight.”

Retirement assistant, Reid said Biden should give his new leadership only three weeks to try to work with Republicans. If not, Biden should force change Senate filibuster rules allowing a simplified election clause and voting rules and other essentials, Reid said.

“The time will come for him to step in and get rid of the filibuster,” Reid said. told The Associated Press.

Reid was born in the mining town of Searchlight, Nevada. (She and other children swam in the pool of prostitution.) She described Searchlight as a place where she “saw her best days.”

The town had no churches, and her family had no religion. But a photo of President Franklin D. Roosevelt hanging from Reid’s house could affect his political career.

Reid traveled about 25 miles[40 km]to high school and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as he passed college and law school. The boxer once shot dead his future mother-in-law after falling in love with Landra Gould, his future wife. She has been married for 62 years.

Originally elected to the House in 1982 and re-elected in 1984, Reid served 30 years in the Senate, plus ten years as Senate Democratic leader.

Along the way, Reid re-mapped Nevada’s map of human settlements, blocking the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste outside Las Vegas; and to protect the pillars of the country around the establishment of the “City” by artist Michael Heizer in the desert. He quietly confirmed the federal funds to investigate the UFOs.

A man of few words, Reid often wrote articles instead – for families, co-workers and a student representative in Nevada who reached out to the legislative changes. He advocated the Dream Act and Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to protect young immigrants to the US without a valid permit to deport them.

As his power rose, Reid made a legacy of democracy in his state with the first Nevada presidential election. He resigned from a government party armor sometimes called the “Reid Machine” because of his political power in seeking to elect the next generation of Democratic leaders.

After facing the dangers of home exercise, as well as Democrats behind the Senate minority, Reid announced he did not want to be re-elected in 2016.

In his farewell address to Parliament, he admitted that he had done things that “most people would not do.” But he did offer his advice to those who were wondering how he made it from Searchlight to Washington.

“I didn’t make it because of my good looks. I didn’t make it because I’m smart. I made it because I worked hard,” Reid said. “Whatever you want to try to do, make sure you work. As hard as you can try to do what you want to do.”

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