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World men’s tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, was awarded the COVID vaccine medical exemption to enter Australia because she contracted the disease last month, her lawyers have argued in court letters.

Djokovic was denied entry to Melbourne airport after border officials revoked his visa for failing to meet the requirements for all non-citizens receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

In court Saturday before his trial Monday visa revocation, Djokovic said he had received a pardon from the Australian Tennis tournament organizer, with a subsequent letter from the Interior Department to allow him to enter the country.

The Serbian midfielder, who hopes to win his 21st Grand Slam at the Australian Open later this month, is currently serving a third day in prison in Melbourne – a charge that has sparked controversy in sports, politics and ambassadors.

Djokovic, who opposes vaccination rules, was detained in a small hotel after his visa was revoked due to difficulties with medical exemption from the immigration requirements of the coronavirus vaccine provided.

The show has sparked tensions between Serbia and Australia and has become a beacon for critics of global vaccination campaigns.

“I explained that I contracted the COVID virus recently in December 2021 and that is why I had to be treated according to the laws and regulations of the Australian government,” Djokovic was quoted as saying in court. Melbourne Airport.

Djokovic said he told Australian Border Force officials: “I created my travel document to Australia and met all the requirements to enter Australia on my visa.”

Djokovic returned his first COVID-19 test on December 16 but by December 30 “had no fever or respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 72 hours”, the reservation said.

On January 1, it said, he received a letter from Home Affairs informing him of his response indicating that he had met the “requirements for a person to come to Australia without residency”.

The court ordered Home Affairs to respond by Sunday. The Australian Open opens on January 17th.

Meanwhile, on December 14, Djokovic took part in a Euroleague basketball match between Red Star and Barcelona in a packed stadium in Belgrade. She was photographed hugging several players from both teams, including some who were recently diagnosed with HIV.

Belgrade Tennis Association, on its Facebook page after the December 17 event, reported that Djokovic presented trophies and prizes to the best young players in 2021.

The event, held at the Novak Tennis Center in the Serbian capital city, was attended by the winners “due to the coronavirus-related epidemics”, the Federal Statement said.

Accompanied by several photos of Djokovic, photographed by federal officials and 20 young players carrying trophies and prizes.

No one wore a mask.

Djokovic attended another conference on December 16, when a post office service in Serbia honored him for launching stamps that featured him and his games.

He posted a photo of the event on Instagram on December 17th.

Many countries allow recent COVID infections as a reason to prevent vaccination. The Australian government issued a letter shortly after Djokovic’s arrival stating that he had informed Tennis Australia that this was not the case in the country.

Federal governments and the Victorian and Tennis Australian governments have denied any involvement in the conflict.

Djokovic’s court confirmed a media report that he had asked to be relocated to a tennis court, but his appeal was rejected. At the Park Hotel, where he lives, there are also many asylum seekers who want to enter the country.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said the player was given a gluten-free diet, exercise equipment and a SIM card.

“They are staying at the Park Hotel until the final verdict,” Brnabic told Serbian reporters.

“We were able to ensure that gluten-free food was provided to her, as well as exercise equipment, a laptop and a SIM card so she could connect with her family.”

“It is a good word from the Australian side. The Serbian government is ready to provide all the necessary evidence that Novak will be allowed to enter Australia, the president of Serbia. [Aleksandar Vucic] it is also affected, “Brnabic said.

Djokovic’s post reported that he expressed “surprise”, “surprise” and “confusion” when he was detained overnight, and had a makeshift bed near his airport lounge so he could rest and wait until the next morning when he finally reached the point. representatives and Australian tennis, the reservation states.

Customs officials eventually “forced” Djokovic to ask questions before speaking to him, the reservation said.

Tennis Australia claimed it had not deliberately misled players and had always encouraged players to get vaccinated, after News Corp papers issued a statement from the organizing agency advising players on how to enter the country without getting vaccinated.

“We have always said to the players that vaccination is the best way – not only as a precautionary measure to protect ourselves and others, but also as the best way to ensure that they reach Australia,” Tennis Australia said in a statement to local media. .

“We strongly deny that the sports team was deliberately misled.”

Tennis Australia’s expertise was based on an official document sent to him by the federal health minister, the statement added.

Meanwhile, Czech actress Renata Voracova, who was also detained at the same hotel by Djokovic and whose visa was revoked after the charges were dropped, was spotted by reporters exiting the hotel in a car on Saturday.

His whereabouts were not immediately known, but he told Czech reporters in the past that he was still looking forward to leaving the country after considering the appeal.

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