Deepika Padukone describes the effects of COVID-19

The third plague was on us when the numbers kept rising daily. As we struggle in this area, the world and the people were more prepared for it after the second catastrophic flood that wreaked havoc on humankind.

During the second wave, Deepika Padukone, along with all her relatives, Anisha, Ujjala and Prakash Padukone tested positive for the virus. The player was in Bangalore with his family when he fell ill. So far, he had not mentioned what happened to his recovery, but in a recent interview, he talked about how the virus works, “Life after Covid changed me because physically, I do not recognize … think (because of) the medication I was given, the steroids I was put on. That’s why Covid “It was amazing, your body feels different, your mind feels different. I thought the illness was still fine but after that, I had to rest for two months because my mind was not working. The part for me was very difficult.”

Deepika Padukone

Deepika is now preparing to release her next film, Geheraiyaan under the direction of Shakun Batra.

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