Biden Tells Media (Fox News) To Stop COVID Mistakes

President Biden has urged TV companies like Fox News and social media companies like Facebook to crack down on COVID scandals.

Video of President Biden:

President Biden said, “The military climb the way they always do. Some are living on aside. And stand in the way. If you have not found it vaccine, do. pyour choice affects everything die. Our hospitals, our country. ine mits special interest in culture media and media companies for sale, please deal with it false and disinformation shown. It has to stop. Covid-19 is one of the most complex amazing American stuff we have experienced it. We must work together, not against each other. We are in America. We can do this. ”

Biden Talks About Fox News And Facebook

Everyone knows where the lies of COVID and disinformation come from. Turn on Fox News from 8-11 PM in the middle of each week, and it is guaranteed that viewers will be informed of COVID lies.

Facebook users are the ones who spread the epidemic information on TV. Facebook says it is promoting lies, but it is still on their platform.

President Biden was right.

Americans will continue to die as long as Fox News continues to weaken their viewers to get vaccinated. Until Facebook banned the COVID scandal, uncircumcised Americans will continue to have a supportive online culture that kills them.

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