Biden agrees to push for US voting funding could fail | Stories by Joe Biden

Two Democratic senators strongly oppose changes in Senate legislation to advance these changes, which could undermine hope.

United States President Joe Biden has admitted he does not know if his Democratic Party will ever pass laws to change the right to vote after lawmakers opposed their opposition to changing Senate legislation.

Biden met with Democratic senators on Thursday in hopes of securing short-term reforms that would allow a minority of 100 members to pass a free voting law.

Under existing laws, only a minority of 41 senators can repeal the law. The chamber is now divided into 50-50 Republicans and Democrats, with Vice-President Kamala Harris, a Democrat, casting a ballot if they agree.

“God ‘s sincere response I do not know if we can do this,” Biden told reporters after the meeting. “When I’m in the White House, as long as I’m in a relationship, I’m always fighting,” he said.

The vote came shortly after Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema told reporters he would not support changes to the “summary” laws to allow for the passage of bills, but expected Democrats to get the required 50 votes to change.

Senator Joe Manchin, one of Biden’s lawmakers who met on Thursday, reaffirmed his opposition to changing the possibility of a few senators to prevent violations of the law, a process known as filibuster.

“Eliminating filibuster would be an easy way. I would not agree with such a dangerous approach in this country,” he said in a statement after the meeting.

The Biden government has made changes to federal voting rights a very important entering 2022, the President promised Tuesday: “I will not. I will not be shaken.”

Interest has shifted to a change of government after former US President Donald Trump, a Republican, led a campaign, led by a vote-rigging campaign to end the 2020 election results.

Although to no avail, Trump’s remarks have also affected Republican-led parliamentarians across the country, with 19 states in 2021. passing laws human rights activists say it makes it harder for some citizens to vote.

Democrats support two pieces of state law that could represent a major reform of U.S. elections in each age by eliminating voting barriers created in the name of electoral security, reducing the influence of big money and reducing political influence. constituencies of Congress.

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