Ben Affleck calls the Justice League “Nadir” for his work

Ben Affleck as Batman in 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Picture: Warner Bros.

2017 Growth (and after 2021) Justice League is one of the best written records the complexity of the film in recent history, and its stars retain its influence for many years to come. Photos of Ray Fisher talked about his most active career in the film, but this week, with Ben Affleck looking at his words on the controversial film.

Affleck, speaking with LA Times, was asked about his short rock time as Batman which started in 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. At the time, the 49-year-old actor was also credited with directing, writing, and directing the Batman film which will eventually be. The Batman. But his addiction and his awareness of where his life was going led him to drop out of school to receive treatment. “I looked at it [Batman] and I thought, ‘I wouldn’t be happy to do this. The person who does this should love it, “Affleck recalled.” I would probably like to do this when I’m 32 or older. But that’s when I realized that it didn’t matter. ”

Speaking freely, the actor went on to talk about how Justice League especially with what he saw as “nadir” in his work. All that was going on at the time – his divorce, “controversial actions” at Warner Bros., and the death of Zack Snyder Autumn’s daughter – working on the film was just torture. Explaining that “anything I did not like about this,” he realized that it was time for him to leave Batman completely, and added that at that point in his life, anything would have stopped him. “There is no such thing as, if, Justice League it was very bad. Because it can be anything. ” Bleak as it sounds to Affleck, there is an exciting ending here: back to the November game. Flash film, and sounds like him he had fun and repetition of the behavior before resting.

Now that Batman is behind him, Affleck is once again preparing to fulfill the tasks he set out to do, like last year. The Last Duel. Although the film was financially poor, his work as Count Pierre d’Alençon was his favorite activity, and many viewers enjoyed watching.. “I really liked the movie! … I was disappointed that most people didn’t see it, but I can’t chase what will be good.” Realizing that he needs to stick to his guns is what he thinks will be good for every player going forward, as well as for all companies. “I do not become overly concerned about money or financial security, because that can have a devastating effect on your decisions. As a result, the movies are less fun and more effective. ”

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