‘Battle in place’: Cambodian rat-smelling rat dead | Equipment Issues

The medalist recipient detonated land mines and more than 100 explosions in the five years of his career.

Dawa, a rat-smelling rat that found more than 100 land mines and Cambodian bombs and won a medal for heroism, has died at the age of eight, according to a charitable organization that trained him.

Done, who retired in June last year, he died over the weekend, the APOPO international nonprofit organization announced Tuesday.

“Magawa was in good health and spent a lot of time last week playing with his constant curiosity, but over the weekend he started to lose weight, sleep a lot and show little interest in food in his last days,” APOPO said.

With years of civil war, Cambodia is one of the world’s largest mining communities, and an area of ​​more than 1,000sq km (386sq miles) is still polluted.

APOPO from Belgium trains large African rats to detect land mines, calling them “HeroRATs”.

The use of rats to smell the mines makes it less dangerous for workers to disarm and disarm.

“All of us at APOPO are saddened by Magawa’s death and we are grateful for the incredible work he has done,” the council said. “His donations allow people in Cambodia to live, work and play, without fear of losing their lives or their hands.”

In a state of shock, three Cambodian miners died Monday in the Thai border.

Three Cambodian Self-Help Demining groups were killed in a tank explosion, which injured two others, said Heng Ratana, director of the Cambodian Mine Action Center.

In 2020, Magawa was honored by a gold medal from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals from the UK for “life-saving courage and dedication to work” – the first rats to receive a prize.

Magawa grew up in Tanzania and was brought to Siem Reap in Cambodia in 2016 to begin mining.

“The hero is asleep,” said APOPO.

Magawa, a large African pocket-sized giant, receives medical attention while on duty to detect land mines in Cambodia. [File: PDSA via AFP]

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