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Rory Burns ended without a goal when England were relegated from Hobart

England are facing a battle to prevent an Ashes defeat after a recent defeat despite late wickets giving them hope in the winter test.

After defeating Australia for 303 just one hour later on the second day at Hobart, England were found to be back in the ring for the final hour with 25 minutes of the third round losing 188 all in 47.4 overs leaving the first. -diminished by 115 innings.

Pat Cummins took 4-45 with Mitchell Starc 3-53 while the recipients fared well while Chris Woakes (36) and Joe Root (34) made it to the top 30 even though several players started.

  • Australia closing in on 37-3, leading 152, at Hobart
  • Steve Smith (17no), Scott Boland (3no)
  • Stuart Broad has been the leader of the Ashes in England
  • England lost 188 in over 47.4
  • Pat Cummins (4-45), Mitchell Starc (3-53)
  • Australia 303 all came out in their first ininging

Stuart Broad defeated David Warner in the first hour of Australia’s second innings, with the Aussie opener carrying two, becoming England’s leading wicket-taker in Ashes cricket, defeating Sir Ian Botham, and when Woakes eliminated Marnus Labuschagne it was 5-2.

This was 33-3 when Mark Wood caused Usman Khawaja to be caught in the back with a dangerous shot but Steve Smith (17no) and Scott Boland (3no) stood up to pass through the stumps as Australia reached 37-3, leading 152.

Stuart Broad has defeated Sir Ian Botham to become England captain for taking Ashes wickets.

Stuart Broad has defeated Sir Ian Botham to become England captain for taking Ashes wickets.

The day began when England needed four wickets to build Australia’s first innings and got off to a good start as Wood (3-115) used a short ball to do well while Starc (3) and Cummins (2) both grabbed the draw.

At the time, Australia were 252-8 and 300 seemed to be far apart until Nathan Lyon, unmoved by the first two dismissals, picked up bouncers from Wood and hit three big sixes and represented 28 with Alex Carey (24). Woakes were thrown into it (2-64).

Lyon and Boland rallied 23 of them to add to England Broad’s frustration (3-59) with 31 wins.

Then came England’s traditional struggle with bats. Rory Burns (0) who was also remembered (0) was the first to go, he was fired after a quick call from Zak Crawley and a direct hit from Labuschagne – although a jump could have saved the opener.

Crawley (18) showed off his impressive performances of half a year in Sydney but there will be no repetition if his side bounces violently from the bed to the short leg, while Travis Head acts quickly to raise his hands up and put his hands up. take the fish.

Australian captain Pat Cummins was in good form as he took 4-45

Australian captain Pat Cummins was in good form as he took 4-45

Dawid Malan and Root lasted until the break for dinner and the former narrowly escaped behind Cameron Green due to the singer’s choice and Australia’s opposition to the comments, the two began to form a helpful partnership in the second half. .

Root looked good as he connected a number of well-run drives on the cover but as England appeared to be doing well, the central fall began.

England came down with a bat

It started with a quick root of Root, a hit in front of Starc and Australia calling for a review, just to see the ball just miss the stump.

The England captain survived but posed a new threat when Malan (25) looked for a missing Cummins downhill and headed straight for Carey’s 49-run stand-up gloves.

The Cummins bounced back to their next line and this time it was Root’s always important point with a contribution that came back in the back and a right kick in the front.

The Cummins took Joe Root's crucial wicket in the middle

The Cummins took Joe Root’s crucial wicket in the middle

Ben Stokes (4) followed the final whistle, hitting a short, wide kick from Starc firmly into the back, only Lyon grabbed his left and 78-2 to be 85 -5 in the space of 3.2 overs.

Ollie Pope, at the back of the side to replace the injured Jonny Bairstow, and Sam Billings each showed their skills and shot a good time on the wall.

However, optimism came to an end when Pope (14) tried to defend the ball well outside the stump from Boland (1-33) with feathers in the back.

It should have been two in two for Boland when Woakes shot the next straight for Warner at the start, unless it was a very reliable shot to win the chance, and the Aussie sailor was also frustrated for the last time before tea, another. Edge of Woakes and this time Khawaja threw for the third time.

Given the opportunity, Woakes continued to bat well after the break, as Billings (29) was in good form by knocking down the first Test before pulling a small ball from Green (1-45) straight for Boland at the end of his leg. 42-year contract wicket seventh.

Cameron Green fired Sam Billings after the England international got off to a good start

Cameron Green fired Sam Billings after the England international got off to a good start

Woakes had pulled Green by six points earlier in the same hour and went on to make his mark, only to be England’s second goal as he followed in the footsteps – the smallest points on display at HotSpot as Australia revived, giving Starc his second goal.

The left-handed bowler almost threw Broad in the back and gave his man the final ball, pulling to leave England nine, Wood (16) made by Cummins three balls later to close the innings. .

Football fans in England keep little hope of visitors

England got off to a great start as they sought out the necessary wickets in the hour and 25 minutes that were handed to them before Warner picked up his second team in Ashes cricket when he shot Broad (1-9) and was well caught by the Pope in the back.

David Warner is the first opener to be eliminated twice in the Ashes test.

Australia soon 5-2 as Woakes (1-9) outscored Labuschagne (5) in the low price; The World No 1 Test beat the most recent player who was caught in the back leg while Billings took his first Test cricket bat.

Smith and Khawaja battled hard for the next 11 overs, missing out on a lot of chances as the new pink ball swung and swirled under the lights, Wood (1-9) before releasing a dangerous shot that Khawaja just stared at as he tried. moving clearly.

Mark Wood fired Usman Khawaja from Australia three times over

Mark Wood fired Usman Khawaja from Australia three times over

When Smith and Boland were able to endure that day, there was good news in England as Ollie Robinson went through four overs after failing to throw the ball in the morning due to a spinal cord injury.

A player at sea will be crucial if England take seven wickets that are urgently needed twice on the third day to give themselves a chance to win the series.

Stuart Broad took his 129th Ashes wicket, surpassing Ian Botham as England’s leading cricket player in the Ashes. Botham also took 20 wickets in the non-Ashes Test against Australia, giving him 148 against a former opponent.

Billings: All results are possible

Sam Billings, speaking to BT Sport: “I really enjoyed going to the fight. I loved it so much. It’s a challenge that last week I didn’t expect to have. I was hoping to stay home cold! [wanting to face] The best seam attack in the world, perhaps, and I saw it as a great opportunity. I just tried to be confident in everything I did.

“I think all the results are still possible, absolutely. We have to cut down on these bad points and take them to a fixed number for us as a fighting team. There is a great chance to get results from the game. “

Glenn McGrath, speaking to BT Sport: “Australia’s lead for 152 runs is huge. England allowed Australia to get more runs in the early stages, which is their real problem. This strike is not going to be easy to beat.”

What’s next?

England Women start their bid to reclaim Ashes on January 20 with the first of three T20 international players. The white ball game is followed by independent matches and then three one-day international matches.

England won the final ash in 2014, while the Australian winners in England in 2015 and 2019 made several sandwiches in Australia in 2017.

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