Are there any Premier League games this week? What is the next EPL match?

While some leagues in England are just preparing for the winter break, the Premier League is pausing and will not be working on the weekend of Jan. 7-9.

Premier League clubs, however, are still taking part.

It’s time for the third FA Cup in England, so this week each Premier League and Championship team will take part in the FA Cup this season. With both top teams preparing for the home cup competition, league games will be forced to retire.

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But fans will not be waiting for the next EPL match: There have been a number of matches scheduled since December for COVID that see the league resume a few days earlier than planned.

There are three redesigned Premier League games to be played in mid-Tuesday, Jan. 11 and Wednesday, Jan. 12. This will be followed immediately by the entire Matchweek 22 over the weekend of Jan. 14-16.

When is the next Premier League game?

After the third week of the third FA Cup with 32 matches in England, the Premier League will once again have several major shows at the end of the table.

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This also starts with three of the 17 games suspended due to COVID-19 epidemics between teams. The mid-week donations are followed by a game that will be played for three days a week and marked by a big rivalry between Manchester City and Chelsea that could spark a major competition.

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Similarities Time (ET) TV shows River
Southampton Vs. Brentford 2:45 pm Peacock
Everton vs. Leicester City 3 pm pa USA Network, Universe fuboTV

Wednesday, Jan. 12

Similarities Time (ET) TV shows River
West Ham vs. Norwich City 2:45 pm Peacock

Friday, Jan. 14

Similarities Time (ET) TV shows River
Brighton vs. Crystal Palace 3 pm pa USA Network, Universe fuboTV

Saturday, Jan. 15

Similarities Time (ET) TV shows River
Manchester City vs. Chelsea 7:30 am Peacock
Norwich City vs. Everton 10 am Peacock
Nkhandwe vs. Southampton 10 am Peacock
Newcastle United vs. Watford 10 am USA Network, Universe fuboTV
Burnley vs. Leicester City 10 am Peacock
Aston Villa vs. Man United 12:30 pm NBC, Universe fuboTV, Peacock

Sunday, Jan. 16

Similarities Time (ET) TV shows River
West Ham vs. Leeds United 9 am Peacock
Liverpool vs. Brentford 9 am USA Network, Telemundo fuboTV
Tottenham Vs. Arsenal 11:30 am Peacock

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Here’s another picture of the 13 games that will take place next week, considering how each team is. Here’s what fans of each club have:

Standards Club The point Matches Played Next Match Opponents
1. Man City 53 21 January 15 vs. Chelsea
2. Chelsea 43 21 January 15 @Man City
3. Liverpool 42 20 January 16 against Brentford
4. Arsenal 35 20 January 16 @Tottenham
5. West Ham 34 20 January 12
January 16
against Norwich
against Leeds
6. Tottenham 33 18 January 16 vs. Arsenal
7. Man United 31 19 January 15 @Aston Villa
8. Wolves 28 19 January 15 and Southampton
9. Brighton 27 19 January 14 against Crystal Palace
10. Leicester City 25 18 January 11
January 15
11. Crystal Palace 23 20 January 14 @Brighton
12. Brentford 23 19 January 11
January 16
13. Aston Villa 22 19 January 15 against Man United
14. Southampton 21 19 January 11
January 15
against Brentford
@ Mimbulu
15. Everton 19 18 January 11
January 15
against Leicester
16. Leeds United 19 19 January 16 @West Ham
17. Watford 13 18 January 15 @Newcastle
18. Burnley 11 17 January 15 against Leicester
19. Newcastle 11 19 January 15 against Watford
20. Norwich City 10 19 January 12
January 15
@West Ham
against Everton

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