Acceptable Reading: 2022 should be a big year in the movie industry

Alicia Hadick, Polygon

Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Man were the animators of the animated video game. It masterfully combined 2D and CG, creating a new vision of what movies can be. As we enter 2022, there are a number of films that have crossed the line – including Spider-Man: Crossing the Spider Line (Part One).

Ian Bogost, Atlantic Ocean

An email program sends and receives emails as much as you send an email: once a day. Can disruptive projects like these bring relief from the things that Big Tech has changed our lives for? And if so, will we be satisfied with the results?

Louise Matsakis, NBC News

Amazon was offering COVID-19 tests on its site during the epidemic, but with cases soaring, the company’s employees are struggling to find what they need to close properly.

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